How Boating Helps You Achieve Balance between Work and Play

A life lived well is all about balance.

One of the best kept secrets, or perhaps most closely guarded treasures, is a successful balance between high-level achievement and deeply satisfying downtime.

Many business deals aren’t made anywhere near an office. The most obvious place that may come to mind might be the golf course. But there is a less obvious and a more intriguing, next-level option with a wide range of additional benefits you may have never considered.

Add in the benefits of improved health and the relaxation and vacation opportunities being on the water offers, and the perfect center of this lovely Venn diagram is a boat.

Not just any boat, but a symbol of prestige and the quiet but definitive announcement at large of having “arrived” is a Schaefer yacht.

There are so many unique opportunities and activities a yacht can offer depending on size and features, from water sports like wakeboarding or water skiing, onboard yoga, diving, fishing, a day or weekend of interesting ports of call, a Niagara area winery, art displays, or antiques tour, a live air show or other event, film festival private screenings, or watching events on shore from luxurious comfort. 

A yacht’s competitive advantages ticks off all the boxes a successful CEO or business owner might want:

  • A unique and influential place to entertain business clients for the day or evening, staffed with crew to look after everyone’s needs and meals
  • A remote workspace with all the necessary office amenities and connectivity
  • A convenient write-off for taxes
  • A company incentive for high-performing team members – winning a day or weekend on the water, crewed or un-crewed
  • Team building, product launches, milestone events for staff
  • Recruiting desirable new staff
  • Overnight accommodation for visiting clients

More and more people than ever before are tuning more deeply into their health and what kind of changes might be the best fit for their lifestyle as well as connecting with those we love the most. Some benefits may be fairly obvious, but some might surprise you:

  • Fresh air, negative ions (these are the good kind!)
  • Sunshine – increased levels of vitamin D, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin; decreased levels of cortisol
  • Boosts our immune system
  • Recharging on all levels
  • Creativity is increased
  • Relationship-building with loved ones – because life is not just all about business!
  • Building, making, and sharing new memories
  • Re-connecting with something much larger than oneself
  • Resetting our natural internal rhythms, like our circadian rhythm and the Earth’s Schumann Resonance
  • The negative ions on the water offset positive ions (static smog) and EMF emissions from the electronics that make up so much of our lives

With such a powerful list of benefits and opportunities it’s no wonder that more and more people are getting on board with this wonderful experience.

There is the art of “closing the deal,” the art of leisure, and living a life of fullness and contentment with friends and family. Whether you see a yacht’s potential as a strategic vehicle for corporate growth and influence, the ultimate in luxury recreation, a healthy family affair, or all three, we have the solution for your lifestyle.