Home Builders Financial Partners Helps Custom Home Builders Increase Profitability Through Construction-Specific Bookkeeping and Accounting

Home builders need to focus significant time and energy on the design and construction of high-quality custom homes. However, for many builders, handling the business side of custom home building – including invoicing, bookkeeping, accounting, and insurance issues – often hinders their ability to focus on doing what they love: building homes.

Home Builders Financial Partners (HBFP) was created to provide a valuable resource for today’s custom home builders to simplify and streamline financial management – enabling them to focus on building high-quality homes without getting bogged down with paperwork. The company is comprised of construction-specific financial experts with proven industry experience in helping contractors run their businesses efficiently. These financial experts offer construction bookkeeping and accounting, with their innovative systems proven to help contractors and home builders become more organized and produce higher profits and returns in their business.

With customized financial management systems, HBFP uses cutting-edge strategies to ensure home builders and contractors aren’t burdened with administrative tasks. Partnering with HBFP gives builders access to a team of experienced construction financial experts who can help contractors run their businesses more efficiently – providing a dedicated CFO, office staff, and a marketing team for less than the cost of one full-time employee. By only focusing on one industry, HBFP specializes in the unique aspects of what it takes to effectively run the office of a custom home builder.

For most builders, running an office and financial management are the aspects of their business that create the most stress for them. HBFP offers multiple levels of experienced, skilled construction-specific support and professional guidance to ensure that the financial end of the business runs smoothly and stress-free, freeing up time for builders to build without the burden of handling paperwork. In addition to their innovative custom solutions for accounts payable and receivable, cash flow management, invoicing, and insurance issues, weekly reporting provides builders with important information illustrating how smoothly the financial and marketing sides of their business are running.

A highlight of being a homebuilder is the process of implementing a construction plan and seeing a new design come to life. The business aspects are a necessary part of the job, but Home Builders Financial Partners allows builders to focus on managing the construction while HBFP manages the paperwork and the financial end. With a customized system tailored to the unique needs of each business, Home Builders Financial Partners helps free up time, better organize a business, and increase profitability.

HBFP works with builders throughout the U.S. Contact HBFP at 843-402-0977 or at info@hbfpllc.com.