Hill East District Redevelopment

The District of Columbia has current plans to update The Hill East District Waterfront, or what used to be known as Reservation 13.

The area previously hosted the National Capital Medical Center campus but has now redeveloped into 50 acres of a vibrant, mixed-use urban waterfront community.

Plans for redevelopment began in October 2002 after the East Master Plan was approved by the D.C. Council. The District had received a proposal from a development team that included Donatelli Development and Blue Skye Development.

Then, in April 2009, the DC Zoning Commission approved the new-form based zoning codes for the Hill East development, as reported by DC.gov.

The Hill East development has moved from an affordable condo market into much more of a luxury condo and townhouse market. Two notable areas within this community are Watkins Alley and Buchanan Park.

Watkins Alley, located on the corner of 13th St. and E St., is one of several new neighborhoods in the heart of Capitol Hill. Filled with vintage-industrial homes, the area has 30 townhouse-style condos, 8 flats, 6 loft residences and one alley carriage house.

Situated behind row houses and storefronts, the alleyways have workshops and warehouses teeming with activity.

Within Watkins Alley, there are 44 city homes that have a mix of vintage industrial and classic Georgian design, and there is a single carriage house that resides between East St. and Pennsylvania Ave.

For access to transportation, the Potomac Ave. Metro is only a short two blocks away. For leisurely activities, residents are only four blocks from Barracks Row and Eastern Market.

Buchanan Park is another area in D.C. that has completely transformed into an idyllic luxury home market. With a unique architectural character, charming shops, and incredible restaurants, it’s not a surprise why so many people choose to reside in Capitol Hill.

The upcoming area contains 41 new luxury townhome-style condominiums. Some of the delightful spots include: Little Pearl Coffee & Wine Bar, Acqua Al 2, Eastern Market, Jimmy T’s Place, and Mr. Henry’s Bar and Restaurant.

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