Hawaii Is A Luxurious Escape for Canadians

With perfect year-round weather, picture-perfect beaches, and lush surroundings, Hawaii is a bucket list trip for many people. The state is used to tourists and prides itself on the beauty that brings so many visitors: However, this year, Hawaii saw a huge increase in the number of Canadians flocking to the area.  According to data per CTV news, more than 4,000 Canadians visited Hawaii between December 2020 and January 2021 with over 2,500 coming from the Calgary area and more than 1,600 from Vancouver. Most of the travelers arrived in either Maui or Honolulu, two of the state’s most frequently traveled airports.

Home to an unlimited number of things to do, Hawaii has something for the entire family. Many hiking trails take you through lush mountains that provide breathtaking ocean views at every turn. The Kalalau Trail is arguably one of the most famous in Hawaii, at approximately 22 miles long the trail provides picturesque views of the Na Pall Coast and provides an amazing workout in the meantime. While all of the islands provide great spots for surfing, the island of Oahu offers the best in the islands regardless of your skill level. A round of golf is easy to enjoy with most courses surrounded by lush landscaping, unique holes, and championship-style golf courses.

Canada is the 2nd largest international market for Hawaii, especially British Columbia and the Alberta area. In addition, many Canadians choose to spend the winters in Hawaii and own real estate throughout the state. Although the quickest flight between the two is 7 hours, many are willing to make the trip due to the amenities and relaxation that the islands bring.

The island sees a vastly different winter compared to Canada, with temperatures from November to April ranging between 75 and 80 degrees. However, the state still encompasses some fun winter activities. In Honolulu, many families head to see the annual Electric Lights Parade where the mayor will light the city’s Christmas tree, marking the beginning of the holiday season. ​​Those who love snow sports will be excited to learn that temperatures on the Mauna Kea Summit reach between 25 and 40 degrees during December and January, creating inches of snowfall to snowboard and ski. Just as the warmer winter weather attracts tourists, it also attracts marine life, including humpback whales, making the months between January and March the best time to see the majestic animals. Although the landscaping may not look like the typical ‘Winter Wonderland’, it is still an exciting time to spend on the islands.

One exciting annual event is the Honolulu Marathon, taking place on December 12th. This is a 26.2-mile course that takes place throughout the island that is open to all countries with the exception of Japan. Starting in downtown Honolulu, the race goes past gorgeous landmarks and reaches a maximum elevation of over 100 feet at some parts. An annual event since 1973, it has seen numerous runners attempt the course and many records broken. Happening in December, the event provides enjoyable weather for both contestants and onlookers alike.

Image source: worldsmarathons.com

With its indescribable beauty and tranquil surroundings it is no wonder so many tourists, Canadians especially, are flocking to the islands of Hawaii. Home to many popular annual events and prominent beaches, Hawaii is a place like no other that many people want to experience as often as they can.

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