Get Summer Ready with LA’s Top Interior Designers

Completely transform your home this summer with  some help from Los Angeles’ finest interior design experts, who share their favorite trend of the season!

Anna Roseman Interiors


I love mixing classic with innovative design. I don’t confine myself to any style, I am inspired by various periods, cultures, and elements. I secretly want to be a chef, I love food (mostly tacos). I travel as much as possible. Passionate people make me happy. My goal is to create comfortable, luxurious, yet functional spaces for my clients. Basically, I am in love, love, love with life and I enjoy inspiring others to be architects of change in their own lives, even if it is just through the redesign of their home.

“The rattan hanging chair. For summer, the ultimate hang out spot for kids AND adults. Something about sitting in a swing that makes you smile and feel happy. I just installed these in the Grayson design showroom in downtown Los Angeles (a shirting design workspace built to resemble a modern farmhouse). The swings have proven to be a great place for employees to have a quick meeting/conference call or just a nice spot to take a break from your screen, sit in the sun and pretend like you are not at work for a sec.”

Marie Burgos Design


Marie is an interior designer and founder of the eponymous Marie Burgos Design Collection, a growing line of home furnishings. Her visual vernacular spans a wide range of styles, reflected in her work on residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

“I am a firm believer in the impact of balance and harmony as key to a well adjusted life. In my design interiors, I thrive on creating harmonious spaces using Feng Shui Principles. Since developing my own furniture collection, I’ve employed the same principles used in my interiors in each piece of furniture and lighting. Clean lines and ergonomic curves, plushes fabrics paired with solid materials are present throughout to give each purchaser a feeling of immediate comfort and well being.”

Sarah Barnard Design


Sarah Barnard creates interior design projects that are inspired by the arts, deeply connected to nature and mindful of health and wellness. Sarah encourages creative solutions by honoring architectural histories and sustainable modalities to consciously elevate her client’s experiences, pursuing the infinite ways in which design can enhance life.

“An authentic, personalized home has the potential to be truly restorative and inspiring. I love working with clients to curate and collect handmade, artisanal objects that reflect their unique personalities and connect their modern lives to the natural world. Plants and art are critical components of my design process because they contribute to health and happiness. When nature and beauty are meaningfully integrated, design can improve our air quality, mood, and well-being.”

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