Four Residences Perfect for Leaf Peeping in New York City and Atlanta

Image credit: Engel & Völkers

As summer shifts to fall, an amazing transformation begins. Witnessing leaves transform from green to red and yellow is something many across the country anticipate every year. While many head to rural environments for their annual autumn leaf peeping, cities provide skyscrapers with panoramic views of miles of surrounding fall foliage.

Atlanta and New York City are perfect autumn destinations for those seeking to enjoy the season’s beauty in the city. The residences below stand out as particularly ideal for leaf peeping.

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96+Broadway, New York City

96+Broadway is a stunning residence located at the intersection of West 96th Street and Broadway. This luxury condominium has a sleek look that the building’s designer, Thomas Juul-Hansen, says was influenced by its setting, among other factors. “We took inspiration from the Upper West Side’s incredible history but infused a modern approach that had convenience, luxury, and functionality at heart—which meant creating a multi-seasonal outdoor space for residents was pivotal,” explains Juul-Hansen.

That multi-seasonal outdoor space includes an outdoor theater, lounge, and outdoor kitchen. The rooftop has been landscaped to provide greenery atop a concrete jungle and has incredible views of the Hudson River and the New York skyline. In autumn, the rooftop is perfect for viewing fall foliage along the streets below and across the Hudson’s waters. The unobstructed views of Broadway and 96th Street stretch for miles and showcase the city’s amazing fall colors.

Image credit: We are Visuals

547 West 47th Street, New York City

547 West 47th Street, The West Residence Club is a new condominium located in Hell’s Kitchen near Hudson Yards and the Hudson River waterfront. This building has a sleek, contemporary design, a glassy facade, and an impressive list of amenities spanning 30,000 square feet across multiple levels. One of the most important amenities for lovers of leaf peeping is the building’s design commitment to maximizing its gorgeous views.

“We felt it was important to maximize natural light and the impressive views of the cityscape and Hudson River presented by the building’s location,” says Erikjan Vermeulen, head of architecture at Concrete. The building has several places perfect for capturing the city’s changing colors. The light-filled Glasshouse library offers views of greenery on days too cold to be outside, but on milder fall days, the rooftop lounge is the place to be. This lounge includes barbecue pits and communal seating under a wooden pergola, ideal for enjoying a meal with friends or family. With sweeping vistas of the surrounding city, the views from 547 West 47th Street are spectacular.

Image credit: Adrian Gaut

40 West 12th Street, Atlanta

40 West 12th Street is located in the heart of Atlanta’s Midtown, just a short walk to Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens. It is an 18-floor condominium that is part of the growing urban core in Atlanta that boasts gorgeous rooftops and terraces. 40 West 12th Street has its own green spaces high above the streets to maximize amazing views of the city.

The building’s natural environment inside an urban sprawl reflects the firm that designed it, Rule Joy Trammel Rubio or RJTR. “One of the things we pride ourselves on, and that clients really appreciate, is the indoor-outdoor connection,” says Scott Kirk, an associate principal with RJTR who worked on 40 West 12th Street. Kirk and the RJTR thoughtfully created 40 West 12th Street’s outdoor spaces, which include an elevated amenity lawn, private outdoor terraces, and more, perfect for homeowners seeking to enjoy the crisper fall Atlanta weather. The private lounge for condo residents with an extensive outdoor fireplace, along with the indoor pool with fold-up windows that lead to an outdoor balcony with seating, especially allow residents to enjoy excellent views throughout the year.

Image credit: Engel & Völkers

200 East 59th Street, New York City

200 East 59th Street is a 35-story stunning condo complex in Midtown East. This luxurious building was designed by award-winning architecture firm CetraRuddy and provides stunning views of the surrounding area. From the highest points in the building, some residents can see Central Park through their floor-to-ceiling windows. The building also has private terraces, along with a double-height lounge with a landscaped terrace.

This landscaped terrace is made better in the fall, which was a specific design choice, according to Ximena Rodriguez of CetraRuddy. “At 200 East 59th Street…, the model terraces feature evergreens such as arborvitae and juniper to create privacy and promote a sense of lushness in the city,” explains Rodriguez. “Japanese maple trees offer a stunning red color through the fall and have trunk and branch shapes that create visual interest and contrast to the evergreens when the leaves drop.” With gorgeous fall foliage on the terrace, 200 East 59th is a true autumn dream.

Image credit: Joshua McHugh