Five Tips for Fostering an Indoor-Outdoor Connection in Your City Home


Urban living often lacks the natural touch that many crave in their daily life. Instead of seeking out green space elsewhere, you can bring nature to your city home with our helpful tips. 

Embrace Natural Light

Natural light not only brightens a space but is also known as a key contributor to happiness. Enhance your home’s natural lighting by uncovering windows, opting for light-colored walls to maximize light absorption, strategically placing mirrors to amplify brightness, and considering the addition of a skylight where feasible. 

Francesca Tosolini

Decorate With Plants

Bringing nature indoors is as simple as investing in plants. Beyond adding color to your space, plants also improve air quality. From incorporating elaborate living wall designs to strategically placing potted plants, there are countless ways to integrate greenery into your decor. 


Make Your Outdoor Spaces Green

Even if you lack a spacious backyard, balconies and terraces offer the opportunity to create your own green retreat. Decorate these outdoor spaces with plenty of plants and flowers to evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity. While doing so requires time and money, the reward of relaxing in your private urban oasis makes it all worthwhile.

Implement Earthy Materials

If you prefer not to have live plants on your property, incorporating earthy materials into your decor can help create a more calming, nature-centric atmosphere. From grand features such as a granite island to subtle accents like wooden chairs, these materials evoke a serene connection to nature. Not only are these materials visually appealing, but they also align with sustainable living principles. 

Francesca Tosolini

Add a Water Feature

Adding the serene sound of trickling water to your home can offer a respite from the high-stress surrounding urban environment. Consider adding a water feature, such as a small indoor or outdoor fountain, to evoke this calming effect. Whether indoors for a wellness space or outside in your garden, these features can promote relaxation and enhance your overall sense of zen.

Jeffrey Bonto