Five Tips for Creating an Extra Cozy Home

During the winter, colder temperatures or stormy weather encourage people to spend their time inside rather than outdoors. To find maximum comfort in your home during this time, it needs to be as cozy as possible. But how do you maximize the coziness of your house, making it a place where you and your visitors can feel warm and at ease?

Let’s look at five tips to make your home as cozy as possible this season.

1. Spread Out Your Lighting

People typically immediately notice lighting when they enter a home, and spreading out your lighting is an essential part of setting up a comfortable atmosphere. A single overhead light can feel uncomfortable. You should have lighting coming from multiple sources, such as candles, lamps, and overhead lights.

2. Warm Your Space with Rugs, Pillows, and Blankets

When thinking of the word “cozy,” the brain typically goes to “warmth.” That is the right inclination, and homeowners should seek to create a warm environment while maintaining a chic design. Tile and wood floors can get cold in the winter, so rugs can provide warmth while adding colors to a room. Pillows and blankets have a similar effect to rugs and will help you feel snug and cozy when relaxing on the couch. These additions make a home more comfortable and add touches of color and texture.

3. Add Life to the Space with Plants and Flowers

Winter is a time of the year when trees lose their leaves and plants wilt away. This can be depressing, but inside you control the conditions. Plants and flowers can brighten a space during the colder seasons and evoke comfort and life. Organic material has a soothing effect on people, so make sure you are sprucing up your rooms with greenery and flowers. Plants and flowers are great accessorizing materials for a home that add lush colors and pleasant scents, not to mention help in purifying the air you breathe. In the cold months, they go a long way toward providing comfort and calm.

4. Set the Stage with Colors

Color is a defining part of ambiance. Every color evokes a different feeling, whether the frosty cold of a deep blue or the lushness of an emerald green. When considering the coziness of a space, emphasize warm colors that will bring feelings of comfort and ease. Reds, oranges, browns, and yellows all provide feelings of warmth. This isn’t to say that you should repaint your walls with these colors, but adding texture to your room with decor that has warm colors will make a big impact. 

5. Add Art and Photos to Your Walls

Have you ever walked into a room with blank walls, and it gave you an uncomfortable, sterile feeling? To make a space feel lived-in and comfortable, make sure your living area has art and photos on the wall that add personality and help fill up the space. Many homeowners can evoke a feeling of comfort by covering their walls with art, decor, and photographs, making the room feel fuller and more inviting.

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