Family-Friendly Communities in the Chicago Area

Chicago | Gautam Krishnan

Many families are drawn to the opportunities and culture Chicago offers. Below are some premier family-friendly communities in the Chicago area worth considering.

1. Naperville

Naperville, a bustling Chicago suburb along the DuPage River, offers abundant activities ideal for families. Families can hike together near the water or visit excellent museums, including the outdoor Naper Settlement. Naperville’s parks and forest preserves are among the best in Illinois, and the city even has beaches for cooling off during the warm summer months.

2. Glenview

Glenview is a quiet, safe, and scenic town just 15 miles from downtown Chicago. This upper-class suburb, with winding streets with beautiful homes, features family-friendly activity options such as the Kohl Children’s Museum.

3. Hinsdale

Hinsdale is an affluent Chicago suburb a short drive from the city center. Renowned for its stunning homes, including numerous large estates and historic buildings, Hinsdale offers families a safe and welcoming place to reside. The community offers numerous family-friendly amenities, from top-notch schools to charming shops and eateries in its delightful downtown area.

4. Wheaton

Wheaton, home to the historic Wheaton College, offers numerous perks for those with children. This green city is known for its safety, highly rated schools, and family-friendly destinations, such as Cosley Zoo and lovely parks.

Blanchard Hall, Wheaton College | Nathaniel Williams

5. Oak Park

Oak Park, famed as the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway and with several of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpieces, exudes an idyllic charm. The quaint suburb offers family-friendly museums, a zoo, outdoor summer concerts, and pleasant spots such as the Oak Park Conservatory, perfect for leisurely family strolls.

6. Elmhurst

Elmhurst is a historic community and one of Chicago’s top suburbs for families. Elmhurst has well-known public parks and trails in Illinois, and they’re not far from a splendid downtown area with shops and eateries.

7. Downers Grove

Despite its name, Downers Grove is a delightful place for families to reside. The scenic and historic suburb is an affluent enclave providing leafy streets and excellent residential options. With exceptional nearby schools and a wealth of family-friendly attractions such as the Downers Grove Museum and the Lyman Woods Nature Center, there’s no shortage of activities to enjoy. 

8. Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove is a tranquil community northwest of downtown Chicago. This suburb is perfect for families who want a calm and quiet living environment. Known for its natural beauty, with locales like the Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve, Buffalo Grove is ideal for families who love the outdoors.

Buffalo Grove | Vincent Yuan @USA