Fall Trends with Denver Interior Designer Margarita Bravo

MARGARITA BRAVO is a Denver interior design and decoration studio specializing in remodeling, furniture design, furniture curation based in Denver. We heard from Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Margarita Bravo about her start in the industry, fall trends and more!

How did you get your start in interior design?

Officially, I started MARGARITA BRAVO 5 years ago. Before that, I always had an interest in design. I am an Industrial Engineering by trade and always thought of myself as someone who can design, remodel and decor spaces. I started by taking care of the décor aspect of a residential home and eventually evolved to offer the design and execution phases of a project providing the client with a full-service approach to all their interior design needs.

Today, we also design our own furniture line that is handcrafted in Europe. Next year, we are launching a platform for interior designers to rent, use and return highly curated décor items for their photoshoots. We are extremely excited about this project!

We are in a continuous process of evolving and staying relevant in the marketplace.

As the weather gets a little cooler, what are some ways that homeowners can update their interior or outdoor living space?

For outdoor spaces, sheep skins and blankets are good options to add color, dimensions and warm to the space. For the interior living spaces, wool, velvet pillows, and throw blankets are a must if you want to create the transition between seasons.

Do you have any predictions for design trends that’ll become more popular in the Fall?

I am a big believer of timeless designs. My vision is to design spaces that can stand the test of time. That said, I can see blues and terracotta hues being relevant in certain designs for the fall. I can also see brass and black metal features taking place in the upcoming months.

What color palette would you recommend for someone looking to revamp their home in the upcoming season?

As mentioned, blues, emerald green and earthy colors would be a great option for the upcoming season.

Is there a recent project you worked on or an upcoming project that you’re really excited about?

Yes, I am. We have a full home remodel in the works that got us all excited as it will involve new aspects of our design including our very own furniture pieces.

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