Exciting Activities for this Month in Palm Beach

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Located in South Florida, Palm Veach is a number one destination known for its beautiful beaches, favourable weather and luxury resorts. Not to mention its upscale shopping options! This year the town was ranked 18th on Bloomberg’s list of richest places in the country. Palm beach offers restaurants, historic landmarks,  galeries and much more. Here’s a list of fun activities to do in Palm Beach!

Explore the Flagler Museum

What once served as the home to the flagler family for decades has become a historical landmark known as the whitehall. The mansion completed in 1902  has 75 rooms and was once used to entertain celebrities and world leaders of the gilded age. The museum offers guided tours, exhibitions and special programs.

Stroll through Rosemary Square

A premier indoor-outdoor mall with plenty of entertainment and retail options. You can dine, shop, experience live music and much more making it the perfect destination for families. The center offers a variety of clothing stores, gourmet restaurants and an AMC theater  with IMAX. Be sure to check it out on your next visit.

Shop Along Worth Avenue

If you’re looking for a more luxurious shopping experience, worth avenue is your best bet. It is known for its upscale shops, boutiques and restaurants in palm beach. Retailers include salvatore ferragamo, valentino, hermès, gucci among others. In the winter you can take a guided tour of the hidden places on worth avenue.

Visit the Lion Country Safari and Palm Beach Zoo

With over 600 acres in land and over 1000 animals, it’s no surprise that the lion country safari is a big attraction. Most of the animals roam freely and guided tours are available. The area also has a theme park with many exciting waterslides, rides and a petting zoo. For something smaller, you can also visit palm beach zoo that sits on 23 acres. The zoo is home to a variety of animals and plants including koalas and tigers. You also have the option to feed the animals!

Walk Around the Ragtops Automobile Museum

This is particularly a must see for all the classic car lovers. There’s plenty of luxury cars,  street racers, convertibles and rare models that are a must see. The museum also showcases old memorabilia from the golden age such as road signs and old antique toy cars. Vehicles are also available for purchase such as vintage Chevrolet corvettes.

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