Discover the Ultimate Beach Towns Across Orange County and San Diego

Laguna Beach | Caleb Bennetts

Let’s explore some of California’s most captivating beach towns across Orange County and San Diego. 


Nestled on California’s South Coast, Oceanside is a vibrant town renowned for its scenic vistas and exquisite wineries. The Oceanside Harbor Village is a popular destination, offering spots for fishing, waterfront restaurants, and coastal shops. In the downtown district, farmers and sunset markets attract both locals and tourists. Redfin data indicates that Oceanside’s real estate scene is very competitive. In May, the median home sale price was $910,000. On average, properties went pending within seven to 16 days, and 49.4% of homes sold above the asking price.

Oceanside | Wesley Tingey

San Clemente

Home to the San Clemente State Beach and San Onofre State Beach, this town features scenic waterfront parks and high-end shops. The San Clemente Pier is a trendy hub for dining and surfing, and the downtown area hosts popular festivals and live performances. The San Clemente real estate market is very competitive, with a median sale price of $1.69 million for all home types in May. Redfin reported that 27.7% of properties were purchased above the asking rate and 28.6% experienced price reductions. 

San Clemente | Reed Naliboff

Laguna Beach

Beaches, coves, and art galleries are at the heart of Laguna Beach’s allure. The Laguna Coast Wilderness Park offers coastal canyons and miles of panoramic trails. Laguna Beach’s charming downtown area, filled with upscale boutiques, historical attractions, and superb restaurants, attracts numerous visitors. The real estate market in Laguna Beach is moderately competitive, with a median sale price of $2.9 million for all home types in May. While Redfin reported that 24.1% of properties experienced price drops, 26.7% sold above the original asking price. 

Laguna Beach | Sven Piper

Huntington Beach

Beloved for its flourishing surfing culture, Huntington Beach is a lively town brimming with beaches, parks, and nature preserves. The bustling downtown area, particularly Main Street and Fifth Street, is an epicenter of chic boutiques, vintage collections, and diverse dining options. Redfin data shows that the local real estate scene is very competitive. In May, the median home sale price was $1.3 million for all home types, and properties, on average, entered pending status within approximately 30 days. A significant 39.8% of homes were sold at rates higher than initially listed. 

Huntington Beach | Trac Vu

Newport Beach

Newport Beach epitomizes a spirited coastal lifestyle with its stunning beaches, parks, and world-class golf courses. The Newport Beach Pier is a popular spot for swimmers, surfers, and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Waterfront restaurants, botanical gardens, and an array of boutiques and specialty shops in the quaint downtown area add to the city’s unique charm. The real estate scene in Newport Beach is fairly competitive, with May’s median home sale price of $3.5 million for all home types, according to Redfin. Homes generally entered pending status in about 38 days, with 25.5% sold above the initial asking price. 

Newport Beach | Jeffrey Clayton