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The Dining Dolls

Grabbing a bite to eat in LA is a never ending opportunity to discover something new. Taking advantage of the plethora of culinary options at their fingertips, Stephanie and Lula, share their foodie adventures through their instagram page, The Dining Dolls. We caught up with the sisters to get the tastiest tips on where to dine in LA

What lead you both to start The Dining Dolls?

We have always been passionate about food, and cooking from a young age. It was very natural and exciting for us to start sharing with the world all of our culinary experiences, delicious adventures and knowledge we’ve learned along the way. We are grateful to live in Los Angeles where the food scene and talent is unmatched. It’s our absolute joy to be able to spread the word and to showcase all of the incredible cuisine, along with the ultra talented chefs that work hard to innovate, inspire and feed not only our bodies but our souls.

What are a few LA food trends we should know about?

Fried chicken is really having a moment right now and we’re loving it! Also, people are switching over to milk alternatives such as oat milk and house-made almond/ macadamia nut milk for all their coffee needs. It’s a great alternative worth trying because it adds a nice consistency that’s a bit thicker than milk with a nutty and sweet flavor.

Lucky Bird

Is there a cuisine you enjoy blogging about the most?

There is not one cuisine we prefer over another, we really love all the diverse cultures and cuisine that this city has to offer. It’s the only way to keep expanding our palettes.

What’s the best place(s) to grab tacos?

BS Taqueria has to be our favorite, for many reasons. They have traditional tacos that are as good as any. But in addition, they have unique combinations with different ingredients and flavor profiles unlike any other Mexican restaurant. They even have vegetarian tacos that won’t make you miss the carne asada and their churros are out of this world.

What’s the best place(s) to grab donuts?

We’d have to say Sidecar donuts. They’re on a different level.

How has your blog changed the way you eat at restaurants?

The only thing that’s changed is now our camera eats first before anybody else.

Are there any quintessential LA restaurants you’d recommend to first time visitors?

If you’re on the West Side, the Gjusta and Gjelina family of restaurants by chef Travis Lett have perfected their interpretation of LA cuisine. You’ll be in for a real treat. If you’re in Downtown, visiting one of chef Josef Centeno’s restaurants is an absolute must. Our favorite is Orsa & Winston, a restaurant that we frequent a few times a week.

The Grove

Is there anything surprising you’ve learned about food blogging since you started The Dining Dolls?

We’ve learned that people in hospitality and restaurant industry are the best people!

What’s the most mind-blowing dish you’ve experienced in LA?

That’s a hard one because there’s been so many dishes that are shockingly good but if we had to pick, it would be the Big Mec Burger from Petit Trois. It’s a double Cheeseburger with brioche buns which comes smothered in Foie Gras infused red wine Bordelaise, it’s pure decadence.

What’s the most Instagram-worthy restaurant for someone looking to impress their friends?

That would have to be Bestia. With a long list of well deserved accolades, their extensive menu of rustic Italian cuisine is always executed to perfection and every single one of the dishes is as carb worthy and photogenic as the next. Just plan ahead, it’s one of the hardest places to get a reservation.

Is there a signature LA dish?

The coveted Avocado Toast.

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