Chicago Boat Show and Illinois Waterfront Living

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Chicago Boat Show

Like many of America’s biggest and most historical cities, Chicago is located along the shores of a huge body of water, Lake Michigan. In its early days, what made Chicago an important hub for transportation and industry now makes Chicago a waterfront city with beautiful lake views. Lake Michigan and Chicago are deeply connected, and a walk along downtown Chicago’s “Magnificent Mile” will showcase the city’s gorgeous waterfront area.

Lake Michigan also contributes to making Chicago a great place for boating. Chicago is a city perfect for boat lovers, whether embarking on a boating tour, like the famed Chicago architecture tour or setting out on the water in a private watercraft.

If you enjoy boating and you live near the Chicago area, one major event that is hugely significant is the Chicago Boat Show. If you are looking to attend the 2022 Boat Show after the cancellation of the 2021 iteration, unfortunately, you will have to wait one more year until 2023.

The show has been canceled due to the ongoing supply chain disruptions in the U.S, which has led to a boat shortage in the area. However, after a two-year extended absence, it will return with a boom in 2023.

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The 2023 Boat Show will be a huge one, as Illinois residents and boat lovers from across the United States come for one of the biggest, most exciting occasions of the year. The boat show is a major occasion for boat shopping, with many vendors, including many of the biggest brands in boating, selling their latest and greatest innovations. You can purchase all manner of boat-oriented items here, ranging from powerboats to water sports gear and fishing equipment.

It is a bargain-hunters dream, with some serious sales discounts available, but the Chicago Boat Show is always much more than just a place to purchase watercraft: It is also a fun event for the whole family. Child-oriented activities include remote control sailboat racing and a sailboat simulator, educational seminars, and even a cantina.

The boat show is a major event, and while Illinois residents are sure to miss it, it will be back and bigger than ever at the start of 2023. It will bring the same high-quality purchasing opportunities, educational experiences, and family fun.

If you’re a boat lover or someone who enjoys waterfront living, Illinois has a lot to offer beyond just Chicago. Let’s take a look at some of the different Illinois towns and cities that offer a great lifestyle right on the water.

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Waukegan is a bustling city on the shore of Lake Michigan, home to almost 90,000. It is only a few miles north of Chicago, roughly an hour’s drive to the city’s downtown. Waukegan is a historical town that grew into an industrial powerhouse in the mid-nineteenth century, known for its shipbuilding and malt liquor brewing.

Today, it is a pleasant town with numerous green spaces, great access to Illinois Beach State Park, and quality restaurants and shops. It has various marinas and boating departure areas, making it a dream Lake Michigan-shore spot.

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Highland Park

Highland Park is another suburb of Chicago, roughly 25 miles north of the city’s downtown. It is also located along the shores of Lake Michigan. It is a wealthy suburb where many who want to avoid the crowds and noise of Chicago choose to reside. Located right near Chicago’s stunning Botanic Garden and home to the quaint waterfront spot of Rosewood Beach, Highland Park is a quiet and pleasant suburb perfect for raising a family.

Highland Park also has several boat ramps and boat houses for water access, so you can take to Lake Michigan in your favorite watercraft and enjoy a day on the water.

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Winthrop Harbor

Winthrop Harbor is a northern Illinois village right along the border with Wisconsin. It is also on the Lake Michigan shores and is a major boating hub. North Point Marina fills up with boating crafts of all kinds every summer, and it is one of the best spots for setting out on the water in the state.

Winthrop Harbor is right near North Dunes Nature Preserve, and it is a quiet town that is easy on the eyes. It is a family-friendly community with great hiking and wooded trails, local eateries that deliver top-notch dishes, and is the perfect place for water sports, boating, and fishing. It is a small, pleasant waterfront Illinois village.