Changing Leaves Make for Charming Fall Backdrops in these American Regions

While for some the end of summer seems to spell an imminent winter, for others, the end of summer is a time of excitement. This is because as summer winds to a close, autumn begins. Autumn is a season beloved across America for the natural beauty it brings. The changing of the leaves creates some of the most picturesque landscapes imaginable in many regions of the country, and tourists flock in droves to spend time in several states renowned for their autumn glow.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas in America best known for their fall atmosphere and picturesque autumn environment.


Known as the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota’s Northern location and splendid natural setting make it the ideal destination for tourists looking to set eyes on some stunning fall colors. With a shoreline located on Lake Superior, abundant forests and natural reserves, and even some scenic urban environments, fall in Minnesota is a one-of-a-kind experience.

There are several different areas of Minnesota that tend to receive an influx of fall travelers. If you’re looking to witness some natural greenery within close proximity to a big city, Minnehaha Falls is a simple day-trip within Minneapolis, and the changing trees combined with a striking waterfall makes for a dream autumn setting.

For somewhere a little more rural, Gooseberry Falls State Park is an extremely popular park located along the North Shore of Lake Superior. With great fishing, waterfalls, and an abundance of trees, it makes for a tranquil fall retreat.


Tennessee is best known for its music scene, Southern-style food, and quality whiskey, but come fall, tourists come flocking seeking out something else entirely: a beautiful autumn setting. Tennessee is a landlocked state in the Central-Eastern part of the country with rolling hills and startling natural environments that make for a colorful, breathtaking fall getaway.

While Nashville attracts most of Tennessee’s tourists throughout the year, Tennessee’s best-known autumn locations lie outside of the bright city lights. Tennessee’s most famous fall spot is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, located right on the border with North Carolina. With foliage-covered mountains and dense forests, this famed national park is a widely recognized fall locale.

For somewhere slightly less remote, Tellico Plains is considered to have some of the greatest fall colors around. This small town is incredibly scenic, with orange, yellow, and red trees and winding rivers.

Upstate New York

When thinking of New York, most people tend to picture the city, with its bustling crowds and busy lifestyle. But upstate New York may be the better spot to visit come autumn due to the tranquil and eye-catching fall attractions. Upstate New York is considered everything north of New York City itself, and in the fall, the marvelous foliage changes colors, the festivals commence, and upstate New York becomes a must-visit.

There is something in upstate New York for everyone come fall. Whether you prefer somewhere off the beaten path or a quaint but tourism-friendly environment, you can find a great location in upstate New York. Saratoga Springs, aptly named for its abundance of beautiful springs, is one quaint New York town that attracts tons of autumn lovers every year. With a state park to explore, a picturesque town, and some of the best colors around, it is an ideal place for a visit.

A better-known location that makes for a necessary autumn getaway is Lake Placid. With a stunning lake, pleasant fall festivals, and brightly colored nature, Lake Placid is a must for any lover of autumn.

New England

New England is an area spanning several states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and more. Located on the East Coast of the United States, New England is famed for its seafood, colonial history, and beautiful Atlantic views. Another thing that New England is known for, is that come the end of September, it is the site of some amazing tree transformations.

Because New England spans six different U.S states, narrowing it down to the best places for fall viewing is difficult. Across New England, autumn makes for a marvelous sight. However, some spots are better-known than others. Acadia National Park, located on Maine’s Northern tip, is positively jaw-dropping once the trees change. Acadia attracts swarms of leaf peepers due to its ocean views, lighthouse, and bright foliage.

A completely different kind of autumn destination is Salem, Massachusetts. While Salem is incredibly beautiful once the leaves change, the main appeal for many tourists is the town’s spooky history. Come October, the quaint town has throngs of tourists seeking out haunted tours, and the orange and red forests provide a scenic backdrop to Halloween thrills.

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