Celebrities Who Made A Career Out Of Real Estate Selling

Lights, camera, and… SOLD. Wait, what? That’s right, we’re here with a list of celebrities that had a taste of the real estate market and decided to go with the flow and earn some money in the market. You’re probably in for a shocker with some, if not all, of these celebrities. Who knew they had what it takes to sell big in the real estate industry, too? Let’s dive into the list:

Ellen Degeneres:

Being an American actress and comedian, Ellen Degeneres has done some marvelous work. She starred in “The Love Letter”, and played the voice of Dory in “Finding Nemo”. But The Ellen Degeneres Show is, by far, her masterpiece. Surprisingly, Ellen and her wife Portia also have a knack for taking home quick money by selling real estate. The couple bought the Brody House for nearly 40 million dollars, and just after a couple of months, they resold this aesthetic piece of real estate and made a whopping 15 million dollar profit. Apart from that, Ellen and her wife have also made a decent amount of money by reselling properties in Hidden Valley and Santa Barbara.

Elizabeth Banks:

You might know Elizabeth Banks for starring in “Charlie’s Angels”, ” Wet Hot American Summer”, or the Pitch Perfect series. Some people might recognize her as the actress who played the character of Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games. But for those who have a keen interest in the real estate business, they’ll know Elizabeth Banks for her extreme expertise in making a career by buying and reselling real estate. The renowned actress, director, and producer made a huge profit of almost 250 thousand dollars by reselling her former home in the Hollywood Hills 3 years after buying it. But that’s not even her best deal: Elizabeth and her husband recently sold their Studio City compound to earn 630 thousand dollars more than what they paid for it back in 2007.

Source: lbbonline.com

Jennifer Aniston:

All of us have, at some time in our lives, either binge-watched Friends or thought about doing it. For some, the show’s star performer Jennifer Aniston’s top-tier acting was the sole reason for it. Well, now we know that slaying as an actress is not her only forte. While other celebrities think of Beverly Hills as a place of class and luxury, Jennifer Aniston saw her 13.5 million dollar home as an investment. She made sure her property featured as a masterpiece in Architectural Digest and then sold it for 38 million dollars. If this wasn’t enough to set her status as one of the big players in the market, she recently invested almost 21 million in a home in Bel Air that looks like it will appreciate when she resells it.

Image source: architecturaldigest.com

Joseph Baena:

Who doesn’t know about The Terminator? Well, if you’re among the very few who don’t, this right here is your cue to binge-watch the entire series and eventually become a die-hard fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His son, Joseph Baena, is no less of a celebrity himself. Although he started his professional life as an actor and a bodybuilder, he just turned his attention toward real estate and is turning out to be a pretty good agent. The 24-year-old put up an Instagram post after his first stint in the real estate business with a picture of him holding a “SOLD” sign, which is certainly the first of many to come.

Leonardo DiCaprio:

Leonardo DiCaprio has won numerous accolades and awards in acting. While pundits think of him as arguably the greatest actor of all time, he also knows his way around the property and real estate business. While real estate agents can struggle in this competitive market, Leonardo earned 7 times more than what he spent on his oceanfront Malibu property after keeping it for 20 years. Not only that, but he has also set up his Palm Springs property as a short-term rental, with a fare of almost 3750 dollars per night. Moreover, he is now creating a sustainable real estate investment by developing an eco-resort on an island he just bought off the coast of Belize. It is Leonardo DiCaprio’s world, and we are just living in it.

Photo: Richard Levine / Alamy Stock Photo