California’s Lakefront Lifestyles

When we think of waterfront living in California, most of us have images of the bays of San Francisco or the beaches of Southern California. And while these areas do provide incredible waterfront real estate and an exciting lifestyle, there are other options for those that want to spend their days on the water.

California is a state that not only has an excellent coastline of oceans, it also has numerous land-locked bodies of water. California might be most famed for its beaches, but it is also a great state for lovers of lakes. If you seek an exciting waterfront lifestyle, California’s excellent lake areas may be perfect for you. Let’s look at some of California’s different lakes and areas that will appeal to those looking to live on the water.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the most famous lake in the state, a massive freshwater lake set on the border with Nevada. Lake Tahoe is well-known for its beauty, and the location in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains makes it a year-round destination. There is a significant supply of tourists in Lake Tahoe no matter the season due to the world-renowned winter ski resorts and warm summer days on the water.

Lake Tahoe is a hotspot for luxury real estate buyers, playing host to seasonal homes for some of the wealthiest Americans in the country. There is so much to love about the Tahoe lifestyle, with top-notch resorts, delicious restaurants, and incredible outdoor activity options. It doesn’t hurt that there are also some of the most luxurious waterfront properties located there out of anywhere in the nation.

Big Bear Lake

While Northern California is better known for its mountainous terrain, Big Bear Lake shows that Southern California also has stunning mountain areas. Big Bear Lake is the largest recreational lake in Southern California, set alongside two major ski resorts, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. Big Bear is a hugely popular destination for skiers from Los Angeles and San Diego, but it is also very well-known for the summer excitement it offers.

Big Bear Lake has some of the best fishing of any lake in the state, famed for the trout, bass, and catfish that fill the water. It is also situated in the San Bernardino National Forest, with numerous top-notch hiking trails. Big Bear Lake is consistently filled up with hikers, mountain bikers, and skiers, depending on what time of year it is.

Lake Almanor

Lake Almanor is a massive man-made reservoir in Northern California, a popular summer destination. Known for its great fishing, boating, and watersport activities, it is a large body of water surrounded by natural beauty. Deep forests encircle the water, and it is a common hotspot for camping and RV stops. Another appealing aspect of Lake Almanor is some of the great amenities that surround it.

Lake Almanor has numerous country clubs, resort communities, and tourism hotspots that make it an exciting place to live. It also has great restaurants and shopping. There are also several national parks and mountains nearby, so the hiking around Lake Almanor is as good as it gets. With excellent home buying options, many things make Lake Almanor a top choice for those looking for waterfront homes.

Folsom Lake

Sacramento may not have the beaches and massive waterfront areas of other big California cities, but located just outside of the state’s capital is Folsom Lake. Folsom Lake is a large reservoir on the American River, known for having excellent beaches, camping areas, and hiking. It is extremely popular for boating, fishing, and swimming and consistently sees big crowds of Sacramento residents during the summer.

Folsom Lake is set in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, making it a place of great natural beauty. It is also a unique destination for diving, as there is an entire historic town located at the bottom of the lake. Folsom Lake doesn’t have any homes along the water, but many properties are nearby, allowing easy access to one of California’s best lakes.