Roche Bobois’ Contemporary Furniture Guide With Brian Fell

As a world leader in furniture design, Roche Bobois has been leading the way for innovative and unique pieces for almost 70 years. We caught up with Brian Fell, the showroom manager at Roche Bobois in Tysons, Virginia at Fairfax Square to discuss the latest trends we can expect.

How did you get involved in the furniture design industry?

Undergrad at UCLA was my design foundation within the Art & Architecture department. I still do not know where my future talents lie, as I have curated exquisite high profile events throughout South Florida to owning a landscape and graphic design company in Los Angeles to finding a niche in interiors for the past decade. This will be my second showroom for the Washington DC/Virginia market that I will have the privilege of opening and my current company is Roche Bobois in Tysons in the exclusive Fairfax Square shopping center adjacent to Tiffany’s.

What are some of the top selling products among shoppers?

Roche Bobois has been around since the 50’s and heavily inspired by the Bauhaus designers such as Minvielle, Steiner and Airbourne. Being a well branded international powerhouse, Roche Bobois first settled into north America in the early 70’s. When clients see the evolution of the ‘Iconic Mah Jong’ or many other collections over the years, each decade has its own unique time stamp in design history.

What is your favorite piece(s) from the Roche Bobois collection?

Mah Jong which illustrates the future for Roche Bobois, holds onto the handmade detailing of such a luxurious and simple design but with well-known designers from fashion houses of Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Rykiel and Missoni Home make it a unique player in terms of high-end furniture.

What are a few of the popular trends occurring in home design?

Bold color and expressions through your interiors. Each room can tell a fabulous story and more and more clients are willing to utilize interior designers or our inhouse design teams in our 3D studio to see where the professionals can bring a room or home to a new level. It’s very basic to show beige and every color has its purpose, but our job is to listen to the clients’ needs and see what they need first and then create a storyboard that can inspire them, and bringing color to a project does just that.

What is your process to ensure each client has selected a piece ideal for them?

Being a good listener and understanding the dynamics of the home or entertaining needs are essential to a good relationship. Some clients have had no budget for their pets and dedicated a 4k budget for a chic bed for there beloved fur ball. Other clients are either entertaining a ton of work functions or need a cozy modern retreat away from the city & work life. I also love to introduce my design contacts to see if they would work as an interior designer or architect as they can make the process seamless and have so many resources for any portion of the home remodel or updates.

With the re-release of the Ozoo collection, which past collections would you like to see make a comeback?

The Ozoo has always had a following and to see the complete desk back in production in the high-gloss plastics is inspiring. Design concepts of modeled indoor or outdoor furniture was first introduced to the global market in the 60’s and never slowed down. I love where future design concepts are pushing technology with built in LED lighting or movable parts like any of our casegoods. We also have a few materials that are unique to Roche Bobois like the dynamic Aqua Table with its silky touch and fingerprint resistance. This material withstands scratches, abrasions, friction and dry heat. It is also extremely resistant to impacts, solvents and cleaning products. It has antibacterial properties that makes it easy to clean. FENIX NTM is also water-resistant and mold-resistant which is very unique for a dining surface. Roche Bobois is a vibrant departure of the Italian brands or American Mid-Century I have done over the past decade but I’m all about embracing new trends and color is my new best friend.

Roche Bobois is delighted to announce the Grand Opening of their beautiful new Tysons showroom, situated in luxury shopping complex, the Shops at Fairfax Square.The new 4,500 square foot space features exciting design elements, creating the perfect atmosphere for you to find your inspiration and discover our new Fall/Winter 2018 collections.