Bathroom Design Trends

With a new year comes the urge to do something different, fresh, and exciting. If you’re a homeowner, that could be anywhere from throwing in some new pillows, painting an accent wall, or even moving around bedroom furniture.

However, if you’re more adventurous and looking for a larger project to take on, a renovation could be the first step. Rather than trying to take on a massive reno like gutting your kitchen or putting all new hardwood floors in, you should start small. Bathrooms are the perfect place where you have the opportunity to completely transform a space without breaking the bank.

If your bathroom is feeling a little too utilitarian, these few simple changes will transform it into your ideal spa oasis. Now more than ever, people are focused on self-care and one of the most popular trends seen across the board is a more simple and zen lifestyle.

Whether it’s taking a bath or spending a few minutes minutes in the steam room, more and more people are using their bathrooms as spa sanctuaries in an effort to recharge, relax, and self-reflect.

Wood is breathable and naturally absorbs water, making it a perfect addition to any bathroom. Switch out your standard bath mat for one made of teak wood. It’ll immediately feel like you’re in a spa without having to do any major changes and when paired with soft neutral tones, you’ll be able to create a relaxing atmosphere.

One unexpected material that’s predicted to be seen everywhere in 2019 is concrete.

Following the minimalist design trend that’s carried over from 2018, switch out your shower wall tile for a concrete wall to create an instantly calming atmosphere. Even though the gray color is darker, you can switch out your shower curtain for a glass door. The space will immediately be more sun soaked and spacious.

More recently, people are incorporating more natural elements within their home whether it’s an asparagus fern in their kitchen or fiddle leaf fig in their bedroom.

Studies have actually shown that indoor plants can reduce stress levels, boost your mood, and even improve concentration and productivity by 15 percent.

If your bathroom naturally gets a lot of sunlight, adding a plant is an easy way to freshen up the space to create your own sanctum.

However, if your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, you can opt for plants like aloe vera, ferns, and orchids since they thrive in the humidity and don’t require much sunlight or care.

If the general vibe of your bathroom is feeling dated, you should consider adding asymmetrical bathroom accessories – which are coming back in a big way.

Either way, if you’re feeling like your bathroom space needs some TLC, incorporating any of these design trends for 2019 will allow you to feel refreshed and recharged to take on the new year!

Asymmetrical accessories are typical of mid-century modern designs but instantly make a space feel fresh and modern. Swap in a new bathroom vanity and hang an asymmetrical mirror to create a focal point without having to make any major changes like replacing tile.

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