Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge Brings Childhood Dreams to Life


Barbie is all the rage right now. The movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, recently broke the billion-dollar mark at the global box office. Capitalizing on the current Barbie craze, HGTV has ingeniously crafted a reality show that transforms childhood dreams into tangible realities. As viewers tune in, they’re in for a real treat. HGTV showcases some of the best designers and builders, who tackle weekly challenges infused with a fun Barbie theme in Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.

Famed model and entrepreneur Ashley Graham hosts Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge, which features a straightforward yet remarkably unique concept. In this four-part event series, eight teams of HGTV home design stars compete in challenges to transform a gorgeous Southern California house into the Barbie dream home of childhood fantasies. For each renovated space, designers must draw inspiration from a different decade within the 60-year history of Barbie, infusing it with pop culture and era-inspired aesthetic choices. With each team assigned to a designated area of the house, their distinct decisions have undeniably elevated the wow factor. 

Take a look inside the home used for Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.

The 1960s-inspired Barbie kitchen stood out as an instant showstopper. Adorned with mid-century modern patterns and furniture, chic plaid and polka-dot textures, and stylishly pink cabinetry, this gorgeous room exudes the essence of the ‘60s in all its glory.

While Barbie has been taking the majority of headlines lately, we can’t forget about Ken. Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge certainly didn’t, dedicating one of its tasks to creating a nostalgic 1970s-inspired Ken Den. This disco-themed room is sure to trigger nostalgia, complete with a groovy dance floor, plush carpet, curtain beads, and colorful flashes.

For Barbie’s bedroom, designers were tasked with creating a space inspired by the vibrant 1980s era. They focused heavily on the pink and light blue colors often associated with the Barbie Dreamhouse, even adding an exercise bike, calling to mind the decade’s iconic fitness craze. 

Arguably, the design that generated the most headlines was the stunning Barbie Land backyard. Taking cues from the recent movie, designers created a pink paradise with a waterslide, a pink turf deck, a pool with rocks for a cove-like look, and pastel colors throughout. It also has a lifeguard tower, beachy umbrellas, and surfboards. Taking on such a substantial space is no small feat, but the team in charge of this challenge undoubtedly rose to the occasion and maximized its potential.

The finale of the show concluded with a special appearance from Barbie movie stars, Margot Robbie, Simu Liu, America Ferrera, and Issa Rae. Robbie announced the winners, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, who created the Barbie Land backyard. This came as no surprise, considering the two crafted such a stunning contemporary success. 

After several years out of the spotlight, Barbie has made a remarkable comeback, captivating the world once again. The global blockbuster reignited nostalgia for the beloved doll and brand, and HGTV has skillfully capitalized on this resurgence with a smashing hit show.