Barbara Jacobs Harnesses the Transformative Power of Color to Elevate a Home’s Aesthetic

Barbara Jacobs
Barbara Jacobs Color and Design

Barbara Jacobs, a renowned environmental color consultant based in California, seamlessly blends artistry and color expertise to elevate real estate experiences for both homeowners and industry professionals. Growing up in Minnesota, Barbara was influenced by her father, William Saltzman (a well-known Midwestern artist), where her vibrant home environment was rich in fine art, with a lot of “play time” in his studio. Not surprisingly this eventually inspired her to develop her own fine art, while bringing color design to personal environments, the real estate world, and beyond.

Since 1986, Barbara has illuminated countless homes and workplaces with her expertise in color and design. Her dedication extends to real estate professionals, providing guidance that adds value at every stage of the real estate process, from simple to complex. 

Barbara’s inspirations can encompass a range of exterior enhancements beyond just siding hues, including light fixtures, hardware, gates, shutters, roof shingles, and landscape/hardscape ideas, all aimed at adding value and enhancing curb appeal for any type of building. Her goal for interior palettes is to create inviting environments, which she calls “Beyond the Trends: supportive color design” because color selections include–but go beyond–aesthetics to help create functional, desired results for a home or workplace.

With decades of experience working on both residential and commercial properties, Barbara is an architectural color consultant, assisting with design decisions for any size project. Her on-site and remote consultations cater to clients nationwide, ensuring each project receives the attention to detail it deserves. 

Barbara garners praise from both colleagues and clients near and far for her exceptional attention to detail and unwavering dedication to achieving outstanding results. Susan Schlossberg, a real estate professional from Cambridge, Massachusetts, noted, “Color is the creative staging necessary for any property, whether residential or commercial. Barbara Jacobs has enough depth in her experience to comfort and guide even the color blind . . . Her summation is presented in remarkable detail, which leads to the roadmap for the painter. It is a rather seamless process, created from years of professionalism.”

Barbara’s services go beyond aesthetics. She understands the transformative power of color on mood and productivity. She helps clients infuse their spaces with energy and vitality, using insights into how different colors affect emotions and behaviors. “This is a concept that is now actually quite popular,” says Barbara. “For example, a widespread idea is that some ‘warm’ colors, like reds and oranges, can create a sense of warmth and comfort, while ‘cool’ colors, like some blues and greens, can have calming effects. But actually, there are many more in-depth factors and nuances in play—beyond the interesting yet often superficial ‘trend’ articles—for creating the most effective, ‘supportive’ color schemes.” You can see some of Barbara’s articles about color design here.

The Gift of Color from Barbara Jacobs Color and Design offers versatile options for you to share spaces infused with inspiration. Choose from gift certificates for color consultations or fine art or even opt for Barbara’s own unique Windows to Imagination coloring book (available on Amazon), blending stress relief with professional color insights. Special pricing for consultation services makes it easy to share the transformative power of color with loved ones. Also, new on her color design website is a great resource for visitors to source and purchase a beautiful variety of fine home furnishings, directly!

For those seeking further inspiration, Discover more about Barbara’s approach to color, design, and art. Barbara also invites exploration of her Fine Arts website, where visitors can discover her captivating mixed-media collages, fine art prints, and more. Subscribers to her fine art site receive exclusive updates and new art alerts, providing a continuous source of creative inspiration. Read Barbara’s Integral ColorViews Blog and connect with her regular e-newsletter for color design updates.

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