Appealing Wisconsin Towns to Make a Home

Wisconsin’s location in the Midwest makes it a uniquely beautiful state. With multiple Great Lakes bordering the state, deep forests, caverns, and waterfalls, it is a stunningly beautiful state with a lot to offer. Beyond the nature, there are many great towns and cities most Americans are unaware of in this Midwest gem of a state. While most people have heard of Milwaukee and Madison, many small, lesser-known towns, like Osceola, Kaukona, and Janesville, warrant exploration.

From Prescott and Beloit to Sheboygan, there are more great towns and small cities in Wisconsin than anyone could name. While the attention goes to the bigger cities, these great communities have intriguing histories and make for excellent places to make a home. Let’s explore some of the great lesser-known towns and cities in Wisconsin.

Let’s start with Prairie du Chien, Mineral Point, and Cambridge. Prairie du Chien, which means Dog’s Meadow in French, is a small, historic town home to roughly 5,600 residents. It has numerous museums and historical sites and a rich history stemming back hundreds of years. It is considered the second oldest settlement in Wisconsin, after Green Bay.

Mineral Point is a small city west of Madison, home to under 3,000 residents. It is Wisconsin’s third oldest city, originally settled in the early 1800s. It has a thriving Main Street with great diners, bakeries, and artisanal goods. Cambridge is a tiny community, one where everyone knows everyone. It is home to around 1,300 residents. It’s a charming town with art studious, boutiques, antique stores, and cozy coffee shops.

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Next, we have Fish Creek, Cedarburg, and Egg Harbor. Fish Creek is a tiny community located along Green Bay, which leads into Lake Michigan. It has a sparse population but is a popular spot for summer visitors. This is due to the great boating and fishing in the area and the charming inns and bed and breakfasts.

Cedarburg is a suburb of Milwaukee, located just 20 miles north of the big city. It sits along Cedar Creek and is a pleasant and quiet city home to about 11,500 residents. It has a walkable historic downtown area and numerous trails and parks, making it a pleasant home. Egg Harbor is a township just south of Fish Creek, also located along Green Bay. It is a quiet town home to about 1,300 residents. It has marinas, golf courses, and top-notch fishing and boating, making its population swell come summertime.

Other great areas include Algoma, Mount Horeb, and Platteville. Algoma is a small waterfront city along Lake Michigan, located northeast of Green Bay and Appleton. Algoma is a pretty city home to around 3,000 residents. It has some of the best beaches in the state and is a popular summer and fishing destination.

Mount Horeb is a small village just east of Dodgeville. Home to about 7,800 residents, it is a community with an interesting vibe and a fun look. Troll statues and themes decorate many businesses and areas along the main street, and the town is called the “troll capital of the world,” with the town using trolls to celebrate its Norwegian heritage. It is a safe and pleasant community. Platteville is a small city home to around 12,000 residents. It is known as the site of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, giving it a young and fun population. It has a vibrant community with various bars, taverns, and great restaurants.

More top-notch Wisconsin communities include Portage, De Pere, and Paris. Portage is a small and historic city along the Wisconsin River. It is located north of Madison and is home to around 10,600 residents. The town can trace its modern history back hundreds of years, and there are numerous museums dedicated to the town’s history. It also has great parks and trails.

De Pere is a Wisconsin city south of Green Bay and northeast of Oshkosh, home to over 25,000 residents. It is filled with galleries, parks, shops, and more. It has a rich history dating back to the 1600s when French settlers visited and fished it. It is still a great fishing spot today. Paris is a small Wisconsin town directly to the east of Kenosha. It is a quiet community home to roughly 1,700; it is a peaceful town surrounded by fields and meadows and is only a short drive from Kenosha.

Lastly, we have Menomonee Falls, Racine, and Waukesha. Menomonee Falls is a thriving village of about 40,000, part of the Greater Milwaukee Area. It consistently ranks amongst the safest cities in Wisconsin and was listed on’s best small towns in America. It has a natural waterfall nearby that the town gets its name from.

Racine is a town north of Kenosha and south of Milwaukee. It is located along the shores of Lake Michigan, making it a popular spot for boaters. It is a bustling city home to almost 80,000 residents. Many of these residents are Danish, and you can find some delicious Danish eats in this city, along with many other great restaurants and shops. Waukesha is another large city in the Milwaukee area. With over 70,000 residents, this city has a lot to offer, with great eats, shopping, and attractions. It has been ranked amongst the most livable cities in the state, with low poverty rates and great homes.

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