An Ultra Luxury Golf Community is Coming to Florida

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The last time Florida was blessed with a golf course development was 20 years ago. Now, two esteemed personalities of the golf community have collaborated to bring a state-of-the-art luxury golf community to Palm Beach County, Florida.

The brains behind this project are some of the greatest golfers of all time: Jack Nicklaus and former five time PGA tournament champion, Justin Thomas.

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The golf champions broke ground on February 22nd at Panther National, the site for the upcoming project, and announced their latest golf community project is set to open at the end of 2023.

The golf community not only includes a championship golf course but also top-of-the-line real estate properties all around it. If Panther National is on your next property investment list, prepare yourself to spend a fortune on it, as prices are estimated to be between $3.5 million and $12 million.

Image source: Panther National (Facebook Page)

The community stretches across 400 acres. The designers also added 2400 acres of conservation area as a surrounding barrier. A total of 218 real estate properties will be constructed in the area – the community is meant to please real estate buyers of all types, from those who favor a model 4700 sq. ft. house to those who prefer properties built on 10,000 sq ft. Of course, the center of attention is the 18-hole golf course.

As of now, you can invest in any one of the 125 properties. It is important to note that the deposits are refundable if you change your mind.

The core team behind the project helped make the area a cleaner, greener environment. Having joined forces with Tesla, Panther National estates is set to include power wall backup systems in their properties, which will allow homeowners to benefit from features like solar panels.

Image source: Panther National (Facebook Page)

The community has many amenities in its homes, like garages with multiple car parking areas, electric vehicle charging units, and golf cart spaces. That’s not all, though! You also get your very own outdoor kitchen and private pool to add to the luxury lifestyle.

A golf community’s properties would obviously focus on what it was built for, i.e., golf. With that in mind, Panther National’s properties include facilities like golf ball tracing technology, accessible instructions by professionals, golf simulators, and unparalleled training facilities for golfers! Members get the chance to acquire even more exclusive features, like custom fittings and club bags stocked with equipment at all times.

The five decades age gap between the collaborators might come off as surprising, but they make an impeccable team. With Nicklaus’s golf course designing experience and Thomas’s passion for the game, they’re shooting for the stars with their aspirations for the game and its architecture.

Image source: Panther National (Facebook Page)

In an interview with CNBC, Nicklaus stated, “It’s great to see golf grow here. We’re going to use everything we can over this wetlands area”. Thomas added that he wants to learn as much as possible from the experienced legend himself, considering this is his first golf course design project.

With his experience in designing 420 golf courses, Nicklaus knew that he had to divert from the repeated traditions in the golf industry. And that’s what he plans to do, in his words, with a golf course that’s not only different and special but also is a course that attracts people to it.

In other news, the Saudi golf league is putting their full efforts into tempting PGA stars to sign a contract with them instead. They promise more money for the golf stars. Both the stars addressed this issue and also expressed their appreciation and loyalty towards the PGA. Nicklaus mentioned that they’re one of the biggest charity-raising sports leagues – a league with a purpose. Thomas said that he’s not one to play golf for the money, and his loyalty to the PGA is not under threat by the Saudi golf league’s promises.