AHG Interiors Tackle Fall Trends

Summer has drawn to a close, and we’ve now entered the season of apple picking, pumpkin spiced lattes, and red and yellow leaf piles. For many, autumn will just mean putting on an extra layer of clothes before going out, planning a fun Halloween costume, and browsing the grocery store for their favorite pumpkin pie. But for AHG Interiors, the fall season is about adapting to the latest design trends for autumn and creating one-of-a-kind homes for owners in the New York City and Catskills area.

AHG, which stands for Art Home Garden, is a full-service firm that designs and implements interiors, exteriors, and custom furnishings. AHG typically works with individuals and brands with high incomes to create customized, beautiful, and inviting interiors that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

AHG has been featured everywhere, from Forbes and HGTV to CountryHome and Elle Décor. AHG has a design style known for maximizing space and using the influence of nature to account for natural lighting and seasons. Their goal is to work together with homeowners to create a space that lives up to their desires. Clean, comfortable, and artistic, AHG Interiors strives to utilize the fullest potential of the home they are designing.

AHG’s principal designer is the founder and owner of the firm, Stefania Skrabak. Skrabak draws upon her experience in building, metalwork, and horticulture, as well as her four degrees in interior design, fine art, and fashion, to influence her creations. She has an extensive background across disciplines that fuels her understanding of how to best utilize space and color to produce home interiors and exteriors that are unique and eye-catching.

Skrabak’s success lies in working hand-in-hand with homeowners to create spaces they can be proud of. She says certain design requests pop up more than others. “The design request that we see most often is to create a modern, clean design that is still very cozy, livable and long term,” says Skrabak. “The way we create that is by first incorporating large pieces in neutral colors then bringing in your story with accents!”

As New York City and the Catskills change from summer to fall, they undergo significant changes. Whether it is the weather, the colors, or the general atmosphere, both areas are altered significantly. With these shifts come a change in demand from homeowners in how they want their interiors and exteriors to look. AHG and Skrabak have some advice to help homeowners stay current with interiors that match the season and color tones of the changing season.

Skrabak says there are several different ways homeowners can update their interior spaces as we move from summer into fall. “My first recommendation from going from the summer into the fall is to create openness in your space,” says Skrabak. “Take a quick look around your rooms and see what you’re not using anymore or what is not seasonally appropriate. For example, removing air conditioners and floor fans.”

Beyond removing seasonally inappropriate items, fall often calls for a change in décor and aesthetic. “The best way to update an indoor living space for fall is changing out pillows, curtains and accessories,” says Skrabak. “I recommend working in your existing color story or introducing warm browns and beiges and fall/winter appropriate fabrics such as wool, velvets, furs (ideally faux) and boucle! Biggest tip — I would be very conscious of not adding too much! Rooms can quickly go from cozy to cluttered!”

Seasonal shifts are very pronounced, but Skrabak has seen one trend less related to seasons and more to the profound impact of COVID-19 on what city-dwellers want in a space. “Some consistent changes that most people have been looking for in their home have been to set up home offices and home bars,” says Skrabak. “This is especially the case with COVID, people have definitely looked into creating nooks for entertaining and work.”

Autumn is a favorite for many New Yorkers because of the natural beauty of the changing leaves and the cozy seasonal atmosphere. Add on some of the best holiday festivities around, you can’t beat fall in New York. For AHG Interiors, fall is a time of adjustment. With summer finished, homeowners are looking for something new and different in their spaces. AHG has experience helping New York City and the Catskills residents creating modern, comfortable, and vibrant interiors and exteriors, and this fall, that work continues.