Agent Spotlight: Discussing Los Angeles’ Luxury Market with Jade Mills

Jade Mills is currently ranked as the #1 Agent Worldwide for Coldwell Banker and #5 Agent Worldwide for all brokerages. 
Jade has also achieved the highest sales volume on record of any agent in Coldwell Banker history. We heard from her about the 2020 luxury market in Los Angeles, and much more.

Will 2020 be a good time to buy in Beverly Hills?

Jade Mills: I think that 2020 will be an amazing time to buy in Beverly Hills because the prices have been exceptional. The sellers have been thinking their prices are correctly adjusted and we’re just now seeing buyers and sellers who are coming together. Sellers are pricing higher, while buyers believe it’s the right time to buy. I really do feel that it is the right time to buy. We’re seeing the market especially pick up, and this time of year is full steam ahead.

Recent studies have found that more homeowners are investing in “jewel box homes” or small homes that are filled with luxurious amenities. Do you find this to be true for Beverly Hills?

JM: I still feel that it’s mixed, people are interested in smaller homes, such as “jewel boxes” but there are others who still prefer larger homes. I feel that a lot of families are asking for good sized homes with sprawling yards for other children to play in, tennis courts, and basketball courts… I think in this regard it means it’s mixed. There’s a decent amount of people who come from out-of-town who are interested in smaller homes.

What type of homebuyer do you predict will dominate the LA luxury market in 2020? Why?

JM: For a type of homebuyer, there are lots of local buyers. Our sellers are asking for us to reach out to foreign buyers but we’re still seeing a lot of domestic sales. People are still moving around, and we are seeing a lot of people who are buying within the United States.

Are there luxurious amenities that homebuyers are preferring that differ from previous years?

JM: There’s a small amount of people who are interested in amenities like tennis courts but I’ve found that there’s a larger number of people who tend to want smart systems in their homes, whether that’s Crestron or some other kind of system. Across the board, people are more used to having modern technology in their homes.


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