5 Tips for Achieving a Modern Farmhouse Look

Modern Farmhouse Decor can be seen everywhere from Pinterest boards, glossy covers of magazines, and in celebrity homes. This rustic country charm meets minimalist and industrialist style is the epitome of comfortable and sophisticated living.


If you’re looking to switch things up and brighten your home, this trend perfectly blends warmth and modern minimalism to create a light and airy space.

Living Room

The living room or den is a great space because it typically is one of the rooms that receive the most light in the house, besides the kitchen.


Ways to play up the natural light and make space feel even airier is by sticking to softer colors and materials.


Once your color palette is set on the walls and floors, consider incorporating soft tan or rich, brown leather furniture. Modern farmhouse design is all about mixing materials so it’s best to stay within the same color range while mixing a variety of pieces.


Obviously, the other room that tends to get the most natural light in the kitchen! If your kitchen is feeling dark and wintery, consider swapping out a few colors and materials to jump into spring.


While tans and browns work really well in making a living room cozy, white and cream color palettes go a long way in brightening the kitchen and making it feel warm and inviting. Consider white subway tile backsplash for above the stove and along the wall of the counters.


If you’d rather opt for a different color scheme, consider painting your cabinets a warm gray/blue to bring a little warmth to the room while still keeping it modern and minimalist.


Islands are a great way to get friends and family together while creating an inviting atmosphere. Marble and reclaimed wood are essential elements that can be used on the top of an island to achieve this particular look.

Dining Room

Speaking of spaces for family gatherings, the dining room serves as the room for hosting and entertaining.


Looking at other spaces for inspiration, choose a nice large reclaimed wood table with a brushed dark metal lamp with warm, yellow lighting. Since dining rooms are typically used at night for cocktails or dinners, it’s okay to go a little darker on the color scheme whether it’s in the wood for the table or as an accent color. Choose long taupe or warm gray colored drapes to offset the wood.


Essentially, the dining room table serves as the focal point of the room. So once you have that set and figured out, you can move on to figuring out accents and furniture that can play off the material and color of that piece.

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