5 Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Love in 2020

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To be honest, a kitchen space looks much better when it’s well equipped. Upgrading your kitchen gadgets to the latest versions helps in energy conservation, makes your life easier, and makes cleaning up a lot less hectic. We’ll let you in on something, nothing will frustrate you more than slow traffic in the late morning and an under-equipped kitchen area. You may think this is an acute exaggeration, but try prepping a meal without the right equipment or tools. So why not invest in decent kitchen gadgets and tools? Not only do they add life to your kitchen, but improved versions tend to take up less space and use less energy.

Kitchen gadgets to make life easier work by increasing the efficiency and convenience of your space. Certainly, there are those best kitchen gadgets on My Kitchen Advisor you can’t live without, but there are others that you never even knew you needed. It can be quite rough to keep up with all these new tools and equipment, and it’s even tougher to decide on what’s worth it and what’s a waste. So, here are the basic kitchen gadgets must haves 2020.

Can Opener

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Listen, there are many things you can live without in your kitchen, but a can opener is not one of them. Opening canned foods should not always result in messy spills or occasional cuts.

Get yourself a Kuhn Rikon can opener to make meal prep less messy. Also, you don’t have to ruin your nails or fiddle with plastic bottles for hours. Additionally, this model comes with tweezers that will remove the lids for you.

Knife Sharpener

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Honestly, certain kitchen gadgets are underestimated. In this category falls the knife sharpener. Like, who wants to be stuck with meal prep duties with dull knives? Not only is it tiring and frustrating, but it’s also very likely to end in an accident.

To avoid petty frustrations, badly cut food, or bloody countertops, get yourself the best knife sharpener you can afford. Modern knife sharpeners are sleek and elegant on the outside, and they don’t take up your precious kitchen space. In addition, they are user-friendly and safe to use.

They are designed to offer the perfect cut and finish to the blade, and they are set in angles that simplify the task further for kitchen amateurs. Keeping your knives sharp and in their best condition will increase their service life.



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Smart Instant Cooker

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Martha Stewart may make it look cool, but cleaning up a kitchen space is no fun,  = especially if there are tens of gadgets and equipment lying around. Not to mention the pots and pans that need to be cleaned. So how about getting an 8-in-1 cooking appliance that significantly lessens the cleaning load? The Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is definitely something you should consider getting. It is super-efficient, fast, and precise, and not to mention multi-functional. The Wi-Fi function allows you to set and monitor your meals from any room. Now, who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

An Air Fryer


You must really despise convenience and efficiency if you haven’t got an air fryer yet. They are faster, less messy, and use up a whole less amount of oil to get the job done. In addition, your fried foods will have the same texture and taste as traditionally deep-fried food, if not better.

This is a smart investment for a home that’s trying to achieve healthier eating habits. Not only does an air fryer save your cooking oil, but it saves your health too.

Conclusion: All things considered, upgrading your kitchen on what’s new kitchen gadgets policy is not an entirely bad idea. It allows you to get the best and most effective kitchen gadgets and tools while making your kitchen space look trendy and updated
What are some of the kitchen gadgets and tools that you can’t live without? Drop your favorite kitchen gadgets and their uses, and don’t forget to tell us why you love each one!

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