3 Color Stories to Take You from Summer to FALL

Staging over 100 homes a year as a Real Estate Agent for Trent & Co., I’m always looking home something NEW to brighten our look. There are three vivid and fun home run color palettes trending in the home industry that will not only freshen your summer look now, but also take you well into fall!

BLUE, BLUE and more BLUE!

For the conservative decorator—you can’t go wrong this season with the color blue! The deeper, the better. We saw the trend start emerging with a surgency of Chinese pottery— what used to be on grandma’s sun porch with white wicker, now back in full clusters of different shapes and sizes in designer living rooms. This simple blue Chinese patterned inspiration brought a whole new look for the color BLUE, which was previously just nautical patterns.

Used here to dress up a living room at 2404 Chain Bridge Road NW, the bright white and blue look pops their soaring ceilings and blends nicely with some World Market sofas made of blue velvet—another great fabric for the year. Here also in a bedroom at 3571 10th Street NW, the feel of nautical meets a whole new level when you mix and match patterns mimicking our favorite pottery trend, don’t be afraid to use all sorts of patterns with ANYTHING blue!

Emerald Green

Emerald Green—not just any green, but that deep luxurious emerald shade we remember from Dorothy’s bright Emerald City scene for the first time in color on the big screen. The trend popped up with green foliage trends taking over in-home décor last spring and it’s now even bolder and brighter in furniture colors and wallpaper motif. Used for a whole different look at 3571 10th Street NW, here we’re showing an emerald sofa version with gold accents and soft pillows.

Bold Black and White

Bold Black and White—such a simple thing to achieve using bright white pillows and splashes of black. Often found in tiles, baths and kitchens—we took this same look to a softer version in home furnishings, here at 1843 Monroe St. NE, we popped a retro 50’s kitchen floor with a mock center island console table. In this bedroom at 1412 15th St. NW, we used an eclectic Boho pattern scene in pillows and wall art. Similar to our Blue story, simply make a statement of black and white patterns to uplift any room.

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