Which Home Fits Your Zodiac Sign?

We’ve connected a handful of LA metro area homes on the market with corresponding astrological signs. Find out which home the universe has chosen for you.



Just like you, this home exudes originality. With a large living room and sprawling outdoor patio, you’ll be able to use that one-of-a-kind Aquarius friendly nature to the fullest. Versatility makes this a perfect pad for you to plan for your future, whatever it may hold!



Compassionate and kind, you and this home both have a welcoming aura. We know you love your alone time, Pisces, and nowhere is more perfect to do so than in this magical estate nestled away behind beautiful oak trees.



Bold and ambitious, it’s no wonder this 7 bedroom, 11 bathroom mansion complete with sports courts is the perfect home for you. Being one of the most energetic signs, you’re always up for a new adventure and nothing says adventure like exploring the 12,587 sqft land with views of the ocean, mountains and city.



Being an earth sign, you enjoy relaxing in your happy place. This home’s elegant back patio is the perfect place for you to relax and be one with nature.



With a 20’ x 80’ swimmer’s pool plus a hot tub outside, this house is made for a social butterfly like you. This contemporary masterpiece has ample space for you to express your innovative and creative spirit.



This quaint cottage is the perfect place for Cancers to create their personal sanctuary. With its picturesque vines and outdoor greenery, this home has the same genuine and gentle nature that you do.



Leo’s love all things lavish and nothing says luxurious more than this guard gated Tuscan Estate. With eight bedrooms, a gym and a mini spa, this home has Leo written all over it.



Logical and practical, you know a good deal when you see one, Virgo. This Spanish bungalow is newly remodeled with new contemporary touches. We know it will not disappoint when it comes to your hyper-sensitivity to detail.



Libras constantly strive for balance and equilibrium in their life and this beach plantation home has the perfect balance of beach and city. Only 4 blocks from the beach and a short distance from multiple parks, this six bedroom, seven and half bath home is the dream home for any Libra.



Just like you, this house holds a sense of mystery and doesn’t show its cards right away. Behind it’s unassuming exterior, this compound boasts a saltwater lagoon pool/spa as well as a detached 2-story guest house.



Both you and this Malibu home are effortlessly magnetic. On 11 acres of land and boasting panoramic views from the bluffs of Point Dume to the Queen’s necklace, this is the perfect place for you to feed your need to roam.



This home is both traditional and understated, things we know Capricorn’s admire. There is no better place to accomplish your long-term goals than in this wonderful family home with an exceptional kitchen and family room that open to the patio and pool.


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