Golden Beach, FL: An Interview with Alexander Goldstein of Miles Goldstein Real Estate LLC

 264 South Parkway, Golden Beach, FL 33160, Offered at $6,575,000 class=
264 South Parkway, Golden Beach, FL 33160, Offered at $6,575,000

An interview with Alexander Goldstein of Miles Goldstein Real Estate LLC

 Alexander Goldstein of Miles Goldstein Real Estate class=
Alexander Goldstein of Miles Goldstein Real Estate

What do you attribute to your tremendous levels of success, both personally, and for your brokerage, Miles Goldstein Real Estate?
Alexander Goldstein: I created Miles Goldstein Real Estate, a boutique luxury real estate brokerage, founded upon professionalism, discretion, and precision. Each sales associate involved has been hand picked, and trained in order to provide the optimum experience in the real estate transaction. I believe there is no substitute for hard work, unrivaled knowledge, and good business practices. We are extremely detail oriented, and look to surpass expectations of our clients. I am fortunate to represent some of the most incredible, best built homes in the area, along with a tremendous portfolio of off market property, particularly within Golden Beach upon the ocean. This is allows me to sell properties at a premium, and discretely. We work hard, honest, and respectful, and believe traits like that are the reason for our success.


 Recently sold by Alexander Goldstein for $10,000,000; once owned by President Franklin Roosevelt class=
Recently sold by Alexander Goldstein for $10,000,000; once owned by President Franklin Roosevelt

How have you overcome the typical challenges associated with scaling your services so quickly?
Alexander Goldstein: We place a tremendous amount of emphasis on service, and knowledge within our brokerage, which is endlessly beneficial to our clients. Consumers in the community have taken notice of our work ethic, and abilities to piece complicated, high end deals together.


Whether it be due to listing price or unique circumstances, what would you consider your most significant sale so far this year?
Alexander Goldstein: My most significant sale this year would have to be one I closed this past week, for $10,000,000. This was a land sale, and incredibly unique as it was one of the highest priced sales on the ocean in Golden Beach for solely sand. The property had been formerly owned by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and this had been a highly sought after parcel of land. The sale took place privately, off the market, as most significant sales within Golden Beach do.

 Sold by Alexander Goldstein; Sammy Sosa's Golden Beach oceanfront home class=
Sold by Alexander Goldstein; Sammy Sosa’s Golden Beach oceanfront home


It seems you deal in the celebrity world of real estate quite often – can you elaborate?
Alexander Goldstein: We are fortunate to work in a market where there has been a strong interest by celebrity clientele, both in the past, and more then ever today. I have had the opportunity to sell the home of Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees on the water in Golden Beach, Sammy Sosa’s oceanfront home in Golden Beach, former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s oceanfront land in Golden Beach, as well as representing hit singer Jason Derulo, and the lead singer of Creed Scott Stapp.


What separates Golden Beach in desirability relative to other oceanfront communities in South Florida?
Alexander Goldstein: Golden Beach offers some of the most luxurious property in the world. Golden Beach is the ONLY private neighborhood offering oceanfront homes in Miami. What else is there to talk about? Golden Beach also offers some of the most beautiful waterfront homes in Miami, which is a boaters’ paradise. There are 66 plots of land directly on the ocean within this private community, and this is the only place to get it. Prices range from $5,000,000, to above $100,000,000, and honestly, it does not get any better. There is quite a bit of competition in the waterfront home world in Miami, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of waterfront homes. Oceanfront homes on the other hand in Miami, this is it-Welcome to Golden Beach.

What are your thoughts regarding the outlook of Golden Beach over the next 10 years? (for example, increase in demand, supply, lifestyle changes, buyer profiles, etc.)
Alexander Goldstein: Golden Beach has been quietly offering some of the best properties in the world, but this secret, isn’t such a secret anymore. The majority of homes upon the ocean are built more then 20 years ago- the majority being valued at above 8 figures. I believe we will see Golden Beach offering some of the most valuable, most expensive properties in The United States in the future.

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